Collection: Mobility

When caring for horses it is crucial to look after their mobility, whether you are just keeping an elderly horse or retiree comfortable and field-sound, or you are keeping a competition horse in tip-top condition and at peak performance. With a range of mobility supplements you can maximise and maintain their their mobility. Also check out our range of therapeutic products that you will find here. With maintaining mobility and looking after your horses joints, prevention is better than cure, so it is never too early to be looking after their joint health. 

Equi News

Horse care and management has such a vast amount of discussion topics, you are always going to learn something new or hear new points of view or ways of doing things. Here we have a blog for discussing everything and anything related to horse care. If you wish to feature as a guest blog please use the contact form and let us know.

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Schooling Exercises

We know just how hard it is for the leisure rider to keep motivated and to keep the schooling sessions interesting for both you and your horse. This section is designed to help out with a few ideas to change up your schooling sessions a little bit.