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Bimectin Oral Paste

Bimectin Oral Paste

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Bimectin Paste - Single

Bimectin Horse Wormer is an apple flavoured oral paste for horses, containing 18.7mg/g of ivermectin.

It is licenced as a horse wormer to treat a wide range of intestinal parasites in horses.

Bimectin controls the following horse parasites: Large redworms, Small redworms (but NOT in the encysted stage), Pinworms, Lungworms, Ascarids, Large mouth stomach worms, Intestinal threadworms, Cutaneous worms and Bots .

Oral broad spectrum wormer for horses, Ponies, Mares and Foals with apple flavour.

Bimectin is not licensed for worming donkeys. Withdrawal periods meat and offal 34 days



*For purchase in Ireland only*

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