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Botanica 6 in 1 Spray

Botanica 6 in 1 Spray

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Botanica 6-IN-1 Spray is a multi purpose spray, with its unique formula, can manage outside interferences from flies, fleas, dust, dirt & stains. Dandruff/flakey skin, can also be spray directly onto wounds. Keeping your animal cleaner for longer. 

Manages outside interferences such as flies/fleas, dust, dirt and stains. Conditions, shines and detangles giving that extra sheen and resulting in a smooth and sleek coat. Helps combat dandruff and flaky skin Anti-Static. Can be sprayed directly onto open wounds. A must-have for all grooming kits! Reduces grooming time by up to 85%.

Botanica 6-in-1 Spray is a multi-purpose spray, with its unique formula, which can be used for ALL your grooming requirements, keeping your animal cleaner for longer.

  • Insects,
  • Mane and Tail,
  • Body Sheen,
  • Dandruff/Flaky Skin

Used by Internationals and Olympians.

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