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Comfort Gut

Comfort Gut Pro (with Seaweed)

Comfort Gut Pro (with Seaweed)

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Comfort Gut Pro is a blend of specially selected seaweed powders designed to support overall health by impacting positively the horse's immune system, digestive system and other body systems.

It has a prebiotic effect (great for horses on antibiotics or oral medications to support gut health through their treatment), alginates which line the gut wall, polysaccharides and other beneficial particles.

It's great for overall health, coat shine, and aids performance and recovery in high level performance horses

Customers report that they feel Comfort Gut Pro contributes to better utilisation of feed with older horses, hard keepers, horses under stress and hard work.

 Key remarks relate to:

• Improved Condition, topline and overall coat shine.

• Improved performance and recovery.

• Positive support for both stallions and broodmares.

• Supporting horn quality through naturally occurring vitamin B12.

• Supports the nervous system resulting in improved behaviour and ride-ability.

• Assisting optimum gut health and function by helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels.

• Supports horses after antibiotics or oral medications through alginates which line the gut wall.

• Supports a healthy digestive system by being a food source for naturally occurring gut flora.

• Supports older horses

• Very low in iodine so is suitable for long-term feeding.

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