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Drontal Puppy Oral Suspension 50ml

Drontal Puppy Oral Suspension 50ml

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Drontal Oral Suspension works fast to fight intestinal worms in puppies. Puppies should be treated from 2 weeks of age.

Drontal Oral Suspension works fast to fight intestinal worms. Effective against roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and whipworm in dogs, Drontal contains three active ingredients that work together to kill intestinal parasites.

Regular treatment will help combat worms in your dog and help keep them happy and healthy. Drontal targets all types of intestinal worms found in UK dogs in just one dose. They combine the three active ingredients praziquantel, pyrantel embonate and febantel, which target, kill and breakdown the worms, which are then passed out of your dog in their faeces.

What types of worms does Drontal Oral Suspension deal with?

Drontal tablets kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs; the roundworms,

  • Toxocara canis
  • Toxascaris leonina;

the hookworms

  • Uncinaria stenocephala
  • Ancylostoma caninum

the whipworm

  • Trichuris vulpis

the tapeworms

  • Echinococcus spp.,
  • Taenia spp.
  • Dipylidium caninum.

Will there be any side effects, such as diarrhoea or sickness?

As with all medication, side effects can occur on occasion. If you notice any adverse signs after using Drontal Oral Suspension, please ask your vet for advice.

Does Drontal treat lungworm?

Drontal worming tablets treat all types of intestinal worms commonly found in the UK and Ireland, including roundworms and tapeworms, however Drontal does not treat lungworm in dogs. If you are concerned about your dog being at risk from lungworm please speak with your veterinary practice. Your vet will be able to advise on appropriate preventative treatment for lungworm that is only available from veterinary practices.

Drontal Oral Puppy Suspension ā€“ 1ml suspension per 1kg bodyweight



*For purchase in Ireland only*


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