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Effax Glycerine Soap

Effax Glycerine Soap

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Effax Glycerine Soap Cleans all types of smooth leather quickly. This 250ml soap comes in a handy storage tub.

Effax Glycerine Soap cleans all types of smooth leather quickly, gently and thoroughly. Obstinate dirt as well as dust and sweat marks can be removed easily.The active substances penetrate deep into the leather and make it smooth.The Effax glycerin soap cares for the leather and gives it a new shine.Simply froth up with a damp, soft sponge or cloth.Spread evenly over the leather and rub it in.Remove any soap redue with a clean, soft cloth or sponge.In the case of very worn or dry leather a follow-up treatment with Effax Leather Balm or Effax Leather Oil is to be recommended.

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