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Effol Flavoured Mouth Butter

Effol Flavoured Mouth Butter

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The Effol flavoured mouth butter will help increase acceptance of the bit. Effol Mouth Butter comes in 3 different flavours and is good for the horse and makes it feel content. The innovative product ensures that the bit is able to slide easily which helps to make it comfortable in the horse's mouth. Horses love the fresh taste of apple, mango or banana which can also stimulate the chewing activity.

Many horses have a sensitive mouth and a tendency towards cracked skin. In this case Effol Mouth Butter protects the sensitive areas and cares for the sensitive skin and keeps it supple with high-quality care substances such as allantoin, zinc oxide and Peru balsam.

Usage instructions: Application:Generously apply Effol Mouth Butter around the mouth area and run in before and after riding. If required, apply to the bit in order to avoid the danger of catching the tongue and increase acceptance of the bit.

Application from the tube ensures appropriate dosage as well as hygienic usage.Effol Mouth Butter is ideal for increasing your horse's contentment and riding quality.

 Available in Apple flavour, Mango flavour, or Banana flavour. 

30ml pocket size or 150ml for the yard. 

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