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Elico Hay Bale Transporter

Elico Hay Bale Transporter

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This Elico Hay Bale Transporter will help to keep your car boot tidy with this large-capacity carry bag which is designed for transporting bales of hay and straw without wastage and mess. Ideal for those on DIY livery. This Hay Bale Transporter bag is lightweight and folds flat so you can keep it in the boot or back of your car, ready for use anytime, keeping it hay-free. It has two carry handles and drawstring opening so can cleanly and conveniently store or transport hay bales for your horse. Shower-proof and machine washable.


equus bullet large-capacity carry bag

equus bullet lightweight and folds flat

equus bullet two carry handles and drawstring opening

equus bullet Shower-proof and machine washable

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Size: approx 115cm x 59cm

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