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Fen Ben 10 - 1000ml

Fen Ben 10 - 1000ml

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FenBen 10 is a Fenbendazole based wormer.

BenBen10 is highly effective against all species of roundworms affecting horses and cattle. FenBen 10 contains 10% Fenbendazole as the active ingredient and has an ovicidal effect on roundworms.

An oral drench for the control of mature and immature stages of all major gastrointestinal and respiratory tract nematodes.

Fenbendazole 10% w/v

Dose rate: 7.5ml / 100kg bodyweight

Withdrawal: 21 days (not suitable for cattle producing milk for human consumption)

You may require a 60ml dosing syringe.


*For purchase in Ireland only*

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