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Foran AirVent Syrup 1L

Foran AirVent Syrup 1L

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The Foran Equine Airvent Syrup has vapour releasing qualities to open the airways. The Foran Airvent Syrup maximises air power while helping to gently lubricate the throat and nasal passages with its soothing and releasing vapours. This is a supplement to be mixed daily with feed. Supplied in a 1 litre bottle.


Bodyweight Dose Per Day

  • >300KG 50ml
  • 300KG 25ml

Do not exceed recommended dose.



Vitamin C – maintains a healthy immune system and promotes healing

Honey – a natural soothing agent
Peppermint and Eucalyptus – aromatic oils to open the airway


To support the respiratory system

Available in a larger volume presentation for regular multi-use

Suitable for all horses including young stock*


* As rules of racing/competition vary internationally, consultation with local authorities is recommended before using this product.


** Packaging for 1 Litre bottle may vary from picture shown.

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