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Haas Everyday Black Kit

Haas Everyday Black Kit

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If you are stuck for equestrian gift ideas for your loved ones, then look no further than these Haas Everyday Kits. The haas brushes are premium horse grooming brushes, and these handy packs come supplied in a gift box.

Haas Everyday Black Kit

This kit contains 3 brushes for black or dark bay horses to clean and finish the coat with a glossy shine


Made from a combination of dark and grey horse hair this brush offers a superior deep cleaning result


This brush has dark, longer bristles at the edge and a thickly woven centre to lift dirt from the coat and provide a gloss shine.


This brush is soft with tightly woven horse hair. Ideal as a finishing brush to complete polished grooming.

See also the Haas Everyday Grey Kit and the Haas Everyday Chestnut Kit.

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