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Hippotonic Pear & Grape Treats

Hippotonic Pear & Grape Treats

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These Friandises Pear and Grape horse treats from Hippo-Tonic are made with a delicious pear and grape taste, they are given as a reward after work or to congratulate your horse.

Sold in 3kg buckets or 1kg bags.

The bucket is resealable for better preservation and the bag is resealable by ziplock for easy storage and better preservation.



Wheat bran
Oat bran
Calcium carbonate
Apple residues
Sugar cane molasses
0,5 % grapes (dried)
0,1 % pear (dried)

Nutrient specification

Crude protein 10,0 %
Crude fat 3,3 %
Crude fibre 13,9 %
Crude ash 12,3 %
Calcium 3,22 %
Sodium 0,06 %
Phosphorus 0,48 %

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