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Airflow Mighty Flex Shallow Feed Bucket

Airflow Mighty Flex Shallow Feed Bucket

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This bucket can withstand kicks and stomping and can be easily pushed back into shape without breaking. Extremely durable and reliable.

Simply push the reliable bucket back into shape and continue to use as normal for water or feed.

These Airflow Mighty Flex Shallow Buckets were previously known as Hoof Proof. 

The Airflow Mighty Flex Shallow Bucket is a strong and durable accessory that has multiple uses for your farm or stable. It is perfectly sized for feeding and watering animals, as well as for horse grooming and storage.

The handle will enable you to move the bucket easily and quickly, with an option to stack inside other Mighty Flex buckets when finished. The bucket is extremely hard-wearing and is designed to be pushed back into shape without breaking should an animal stamp on it.

  • 15 litre capacity
  • Multi-purpose use - feed, water, grooming, cleaning
  • Handle for carrying
  • Incredible durability - will bend instead of breaking - simply push back into shape

Mighty Flex buckets are quickly becoming popular with builders and tradesmen due to their extremely hard-wearing and durable design - virtually impossible to break.

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