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Likit Refills 650g

Likit Refills 650g

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Mouth-wateringly tasty Likit horse treats are designed to be used in conjunction with the range of popular Likit Toys to help make stable life more fun and less stressful.

  • Delicious formulation your horse or pony will love
  • Available in a huge variety of colours and flavours
  • Salt and Sweet versions to get their taste buds tingling
  • Sold individually

Please note, the Likits are now supplied in easy to open packaging. Some of the images feature the older packaging, but due to customer feedback Likit changed all of their products to the easier to open version and all of our stock is of this style. 


Also available are little Likit refill 250g and the Likit Treat Bars for horses.

Likit 650g is also available in an electrolyte form with the Likit Sport.

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