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Lincoln Pig Oil Spray

Lincoln Pig Oil Spray

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Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur is used as a coat gloss, waterproof barrier and skin conditioner.

  • Ready-to-use liquid
  • Combines Pig Oil with Sulphur for beneficial effects
  • Traditionally used for a variety of topical conditions
  • Water resistant soothing formulation
  • Use as a coat gloss & skin conditioner

The soothing water resistant formulation of Pig Oil and Sulphur has been traditionally used for a variety of topical conditions with beneficial effects. Apply this versatile oil using the easy spray gun to get a glossy coat, conditioned skin and a create a skin barrier to protect against moisture and the environment. The barrier function also creates an unpleasant environment for lice and other external parasites. This ready-to-use preparation can be used as required but only for external use. Can be sprayed onto a cloth or sponge for a more targeted application.

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