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Mackey Classic Stirrup Leathers

Mackey Classic Stirrup Leathers

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These Mackey Classic leather stirrup leathers come in a variety of lengths to suit all riders. These stirrup leathers are made from high grade quality leather hides with stainless steel rounded buckles. These stirrup leathers feature numbered holes so there is no confusion when selecting the ideal (and even!) stirrup length. You should swap your stirrup leathers to the opposite side of your saddle regularly. This is to ensure that your mounting leather doesn't get stretched more than the other. Keeping your leathers evenly stretched ensures a continued ease of obtaining even stirrups. 

The 36” leathers are 3/4” wide and these are for smaller children.

The 48”, 54”, 60” leathers are 1” wide

Generally 48" is for bigger kids, 54" for adults and 60" for tall adults/dressage.

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