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Anatomic Double Jointed Loose Ring Bit

Anatomic Double Jointed Loose Ring Bit

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Waldhausen’s new anatomically shaped stainless steel Double Jointed Loose Ring bits are characterised by a curved mouthpiece adapted to a horses mouth. When correctly fitted they provide even pressure distribution to the horse‘s tongue. Their good position in the mouth and their even pressure on the tongue promotes optimum chewing and acceptance of the bit. They enable more precise aids and influence on the tongue.

This is a double jointed, loose ring bit.

The mouthpiece is solid stainless steel (ie not hollow mouth)

Thickness: 1.6cm.

Ring diameter:7cm

Comes in sizes 12.5cm (5”) 13.5cm (5.25”) and 14.5cm (5.75”)


Please Note: Some sizes may not be available immediately for click and collect. You will be notified if this is the case. Any delay will only be 2-3 working days. Please see our shipping policy here

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