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NetTex Summer Freedom Salve 600ml

NetTex Summer Freedom Salve 600ml

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Net-Tex Summer Freedom Salve Complete is a superior formulation that is rich in all elements. Sweet Itch cannot be cured but it can now be controlled to the point of 99% relief for most horses and ponies.

Supplied in a large 600ml tub.

Blended into a user friendly, lightly textured cream, all active agents when absorbed into the mane, tail and skin will work instantaneously and maximize longer lasting protection. Net-Tex Industries Ltd have formulated the only product in the world to attack the Sweet Itch problem from three fronts.

1) Repel... midge attacks from the outset by using active agents Benzyl Benzoate and D.E.E.T

2) Alleviate... the scratch, itch and rub cycle by instantly cooling and soothing affected areas with Calamine Lotion and Japanese Peppermint Oil

3) Disinfect... already affected areas with Tea Tree Oil and accelerate natural skin and hair regeneration with Allantoin.

ā€¢ Application required just once a week

ā€¢ 1 tub will last approximately 4-6 weeks

ā€¢ Easy to apply and will not matt in the horses hair.

Contains: Benzyl Benzoate, D.E.E.T, Petrolatum, Tea Tree Oil, Calamine Lotion, Peppermint Oil, Allantoin, Carnation Oil & natural extracts.

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