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Premier Equine

Premier Equine Interchangeable Gullet System

Premier Equine Interchangeable Gullet System

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PE Interchangeable Gullets can be purchased individually to allow for alteration of the fit of your PE saddle quickly and easily.


PE Interchangeable Gullets are compatible with all Premier Equine saddles excluding the racing saddles. Sold individually.

We understand that various factors can affect your horse such as health, fitness, exercise regime, age and condition. These factors may contribute to changes in shape of the horse meaning that you may need to reassess the fit of your saddle.

To ensure optimum comfort for your horse it is important to assess the fit of your saddle regularly.

We advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to give you a guide to the correct sized gullet for your horse for use in your Premier Equine saddle.

We also advise seeking the advice of a professionally trained saddle fitter.


Step 1: Un-screw the two screws positioned under the skirt of the saddle in the gullet area.

Step 2: Place hands at the front of the panel and pull down. This will free the tree end points from the panel pockets.

Step 3: Open the Velcro closure over the gullet bar.

Step 4: Un-screw the two screws positioned at either side of the gullet bar to free it from the saddle tree.

Step 5: You can then change the gullet bar to your required size*, slowly tightening the screws at both ends until the gullet takes its place properly. Make sure that the holes are lined up and the screws are secure.

*We recommend using the PE Gullet Gauge and an expert saddle fitter to help you select the best size gullet for your horse.

Step 6: Refit the tree points into the panel pockets by manipulating them into position and close the Velcro closure to cover the gullet.

Step 7: Do not forget to retighten the final screws in the gullet area. Make sure that the screws are lined up correctly in the holes before tightening them.

Now your saddle is ready to use.

Technical Details

  • Single gullet for the Premier Equine range of saddles
  • Available in 6 colour coded sizes
  • Easy to fit
  • Sold individually

Please Note: Some sizes may not be available immediately for click and collect. You will be notified if this is the case. Any delay will only be 3-4 working days. Please see our shipping policy here

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