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Red Rockies

Red Rockies 10kg Salt Block

Red Rockies 10kg Salt Block

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Red Rockies are the original salt lick that most people are familiar with, in a large 10kg block. Primarily containing essential salt and other vital minerals. Salt plays a major role in the diet of all horses and is essential for efficient feed utilisation. It also stimulates saliva production promoting digestion and making feed more palatable.

Can be sold as singles or in a box of two.

Also available as a 2kg lick

**please note these contain copper - KEEP AWAY FROM SHEEP**

Active Ingredients: Contains: 40% Sodium Chloride. Magnesium (Mg) - 5000 (mg/kg), Iron (Fe) - 1500 (mg/kg), Cobalt (Co) - 50 (mg/kg), Copper (Cu) - 300 (mg/kg), Iodine (I) - 150 (mg/kg), Manganese (Mn) - 200 (mg/kg), Zinc (Zn) - 300  (mg/kg), Selenium (Se) - 10 (mg/kg), Sodium (Na) - 38%

Description: Rockies are the hardest mineral licks you can buy, which mean they save you money by resisting all weather conditions. Rockies will last longer. Available in Red and Pure White Salt Lick. Rockies Pure White Salt Lick is a hard lick made of pure table quality salt for all stock. It helps to aid digestion and can alleviate boredom in stabled horses. It can be used all year round, but especially useful during the hotter summer months.

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