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Rekor “No Itch Derm” Lotion

Rekor “No Itch Derm” Lotion

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Intended to soothe itching, Rekor No Itch Derm is an ideal dermatological lotion to combat the skin problems of horses and ponies suffering from recurrent summer dermatitis.

Its composition based on plant extracts and benzyl benzoate, No Itch Derm helps to calm itching very quickly. It acts effectively less than 1 hour after its application.

Easy to use, its liquid presentation is ready to use and is sprayed directly on the affected areas (mane, tail base, ...). Its oily base has a very good grip on the skin for an optimal result.

The Benzoate Benzyl, very present in this lotion, has many properties and thus allows the No Itch Derm to :

  • soothe itching within an hour of application
  • decrease skin sensitivity
  • promote healing
  • promote hair regrowth
  • to make the hair soft and silky



Benzyl benzoate 25% Benzyl benzoate

Fat emulsion

Method of preservation

Product for external use. 

Store the product in its original packaging, away from sunlight.

Close tightly after each use. 

Keep out of reach of children. 

Does not contain any substance that contravenes FFE, FEI, Jockey Club regulations.

Application advice

Attack treatment: Apply NO ITCH DERM to the affected areas (manes, base of the tail...) then massage for a few seconds to bring the product into contact with the skin.

Apply twice a day for the first 2 or 3 days, then once a day for 4 to 5 days. 

Then space out the applications to once a week. 

Maintenance treatment: One application per week. As soon as symptoms reappear, repeat the process. 

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