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TRM Epsom Salts 5kg

TRM Epsom Salts 5kg

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This Turfmasters Epsom Salts 5kg is a useful addition to your horses veterinary kit.  Epsom salts have a long history of use for soaking the horses hoof where an abscess is present among many other uses. Adding epsom salt to warm water in a bucket and standing the affect ted hoof in it will help draw out infection before poulticing or between poultice changes. 

An essential, everyday product for the stable yard. Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function, and horses deficient in this important element can show signs of nervousness, wariness, excitability, and muscle tremors. This product is for external use. Epsom salts are versatile and proven to be used for hoof care and leg care.

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