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TRM Multivit Complex - Liquid

TRM Multivit Complex - Liquid

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MULTIVIT COMPLEX is a balanced complementary feed containing essential vitamins and minerals needed for general good health, energy and vitality and is suitable for all breeds and ages.

MULTIVIT COMPLEX can be fed to:

• Undernourished or orphaned puppies.  • Working dogs.  • Racing dogs.  • Pregnant bitches.  • Dogs recovering from illness.  • Senior dogs.

Instructions For Proper Use:

Mix MULTIVIT COMPLEX well into the feed. Feed each dog individually.

Small Dogs (up to 5 kg): 2 ml

Medium Dogs (5 kg to 15 kg): 4 ml

Large Dogs (15 kg to 30 kg): 6 ml

Very Large Dogs (over 30 kg): 8 ml

A dosing pump is included which dispenses 1 ml

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