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TRM Myozol for Dogs

TRM Myozol for Dogs

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MYOZOL is a feed material for dogs made with a refined Rice Bran Oil, maximising the concentration of Gamma Oryzanol. It is a high energy food which is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to promote physical well being, and overall appearance. It is suitable for feeding as a nutritional adjunct to:

  • Dogs in rehabilitation with reduced mobility. 
  • Pre and Post operative dogs. 
  • Show dogs.  
  • Young fast growing dogs to support hind quarter muscle structure.  
  • Older dogs. 
  • Working dogs. 

  • Supplied in 200ml bottle 

Instructions for Proper Use:

Feed Myozol once a day in your pets food.

Small Dogs (up to 10 kg): Feed 1 ml daily.

Medium Dogs (10 kg to 25 kg): Feed 2 ml daily.

Large Dogs (25 kg to 40 kg): Feed 3 ml daily.

Very Large Dogs (over 40 kg): Feed 4 ml daily.

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