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Turfmasters Polo Bandages 4’s

Turfmasters Polo Bandages 4’s

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The Turfmasters Polo Bandages are supplied in sets of 4 and come with a handy travel and storage clear zip bag. These polo bandages are designed to provide optimal comfort for your horse. 
Turfmasters is an Irish brand, noted for its exceptional quality and value for money. Our polo wraps are ideal for protecting the horse while allowing it to exercise with full freedom of movement. The brushed, piled polyester fabric used stretches and relaxes allowing plenty of "give".

These polo bandages are also fantastic for covering the legs of horses (particularly those with white markings) when you want to keep them clean prior to a showing class.  Unlike other Elasticated bandages, polo bandages do not require padding underneath when being used during exercise.  

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