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Reflex Mesh Exercise Sheet with Saddle Gap

Reflex Mesh Exercise Sheet with Saddle Gap

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This Waldhausen Reflex Hind Exercise Sheet is a neon mesh exercise rug with a saddle gap. This is a lightweight mesh high vis exercise rug, perfect for unclipped horses that just need the safety of a high visibility without added warmth of a rug when ridden in low light.  

This lightweight-weight meshed sheet made out of highly reflecting material with silver reflecting stripes. With saddle gap and tail cord.

The whole Reflex range is  designed for better visibility in poor light and dark days. For both horses and riders - for more protection after dark and in fog. Seeing and being seen: the Reflex products enhance your and your horse‘s safety when it is dark and foggy.
For better visibility after dark.

Material: 100% Polyester
Universal Full Size
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