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Leovet Frogade 200ml and Brush

Leovet Frogade 200ml and Brush

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Thrush is a chronic usually superficial infection caused by various fungi affecting the feet of horses kept in damp conditions. It results in a black foul-smelling discharge along the clefts of the frogs and can result in production of necrotic (dead) tissue. FrogAde provides intensive care for soles and frogs attacked by thrush and can also be used as a preventive measure. It contains iodoform which effectively fights thrush. The brush-on-pack makes application easy and gives sole and frog a good massage. Rotted horn is removed and circulation stimulated. Frog and sole are protected from further rot. To facilitate hoof regeneration after the second week of treatment apply hoof balm alternately.


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Use this product and your hoof pick and brush for year round healthy hooves. 

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