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Leovet Frogmedic Spray 200ml

Leovet Frogmedic Spray 200ml

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Leovet Frogmedic Spray 200ml is a highly concentrated formula for use on horses and ponies with acute cases of frog disease. Frogmedic penetrates deeply into your horses frog, spreading into the grooves and into small fissures, thus reaching decayed spots. Blocks out sogginess and stops deterioration. Dries the frog so that healthy tissue can grow back. Contains pine heartwood extract and tea-tree oil which are natural antimicrobials. Apply daily for 1-2 weeks depending and individual cases. Apply to cleaned frog and sole and allow to dry. Can be followed with Frogade once under control.


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Use this product and your hoof pick and brush for year round healthy hooves. 

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