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Premier Equine

Marseille Leather Monoflap Dressage Saddle

Marseille Leather Monoflap Dressage Saddle

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This Premier Equine saddle has been expertly engineered specifically for dressage, this monoflap saddle has been crafted with premium German aniline leather. 


Favoured by professional dressage riders & event riders, the monoflap design offers increased connection and the ability to apply micro-adjustments in the aids. Engineered for a greater connection and communication with the horse without restricting movement, this dressage saddle features a deep seat, a purpose built cantle and large padded knee rolls for exceptional security and leg positioning. The D rings at the front of the saddle allow for the attachment of your close contact saddle pad. 

Covered with soft and supple German aniline leather, the Marseille truly offers a luxury riding experience. The styling of this saddle adds another textural dimension with detailing on the flap. Every little detail of this saddle has been carefully considered in the construction of this saddle for not only comfort and performance but style too. 

This monoflap saddle has been crafted with a copolymer tree which is extremely lightweight and has incredible properties which allow the tree to flex so minutely that it prevents the tree from cracking under stress but provides brilliant support to the saddle. 

The panels are flocked with synthetic fibre wool for comfort, support and to promote even pressure distribution. 

Stainless steel safety flick stirrup bars offer a safe and easy way to attach and remove your stirrup leathers, covered by a leather skirt. The supple polished leather girth straps allow a neat and elegant finish whilst being durable and exceptionally functional. 

We offer an affordable solution with a high level of anatomical expertise in the development of our innovative range of the discipline-specific saddles with customisable fitting options. For the ideal fit, we advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to provide you with a guide to the best size PE gullet for use in your Premier Equine saddle.

The PE Interchangeable Gullet System allows for quick and simple customisation of the fit of the saddle, avoiding the cost of buying a new saddle. This caters for various factors that can affect your horse's shape over time such as health, fitness, exercise regimen, age, and condition. This allows your PE saddle to change with your horse for optimum comfort. 

This saddle comes fitted with the medium gullet as standard. You can purchase the individual gullet widths here.

To measure the suitable size gullet for your horse use the PE Gullet Gauge.  


  • German aniline leather
  • Synthetic fibre wool flocking
  • Copolymer tree
  • Polished leather girth straps
  • Stainless steel hardware


Premier Equine offer a wide size range of PE Interchangeable Gullets which can help with customising the fit of your saddle to your horse's requirements. We advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to provide you with a guide to the best PE gullet for selection and use in your Premier Equine saddle.

We advise you seek the advice of a professional saddle fitter to ensure the correct fitting of your saddle.

Technical Details

  • Dressage saddle
  • Monoflap design
  • German aniline leather
  • Copolymer tree
  • Deep seat
  • Large, padded knee roll
  • PE Interchangeable Gullet System
  • Synthetic fibre wool flocked panels for comfort
  • Stainless steel safety flick stirrup bars
  • Front D rings
  • Specifically designed cantle
  • Polished leather girth straps
  • Balanced, even pressure distribution
  • Unrestricted movement
  • Comes as standard with a medium gullet plate included
  • Various gullet widths are available to purchase separately
  • PE branded pin badge

Care Instructions

Using your saddle for the first time:

Premier Equine have carried out all necessary treatment processes before delivering your saddle, so you can use it as soon as you receive it. However, for optimum softness and protections, we advise you to apply a good quality leather conditioning balsam and leave for 24 hours to allow for full absorption, out of direct sunlight. Buff with a soft cloth to remove any excess. 

Beware of the risk of staining white clothes, especially during the first few uses.

Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Regularly clean your saddle and apply a good quality conditioning balsam to preserve the suppleness and colour of the leather. 

Store on a saddle hook/saddle stand that provides even pressure. 

Day-to-Day care:

  1. Remove any dirt and debris from the surface & girth straps by wiping down your saddle with a damp, soft cloth after every use.
  2. Wipe over with a dry, soft cloth to remove any excess moisture. 
  3. Allow the saddle to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight and heat. 
  4. Once dry, apply a high-quality leather balsam. Take care not to over-saturate the leather and in particular; the girth straps*.
  5. Allow the saddle to dry naturally in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight and heat. 
  6. Once dry, apply your saddle cover for protection. 

If your saddle has come into contact with water, allow it to dry naturally out of direct sunlight or heat. Once dry, apply a high-quality leather balsam and store your saddle in a dry place. 

  • Do not place dirty accessories over the top of the saddle.
  • Do not clean the saddle with products containing solvent or glycerine soap as these substances will damage the integrity of the saddle.
  • Do not treat/grease a saddle that has not been cleaned first as this poses the risk of letting dirt penetrate the leather, damaging it.
  • Please note: During the summer months, you may need to increase the frequency in which you treat your leather saddle as the sun and higher temperatures can dehydrate the leather.
  • *Warning: over-saturation of the leather & leather girth straps can cause over-absorption which can deteriorate the leather. Do not over-saturate your saddle and girth straps. 

For optimum performance and longevity: apply a high-quality leather conditioning balsam at least twice a month to maintain the suppleness of the leather. 

Please Note: Due to the high stocking costs of saddles we do not hold these in our warehouse. Saddles are ordered in specifically for customers so please allow 4-5 working days for these to arrive in our warehouse. Please see our shipping policy here

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